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You will receive ProActive accounting, tax and finance solutions that instills confidence, assurance and peace of mind; increasing your time so that you can scale and grow your business or startup.

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"Green Ledger CPA immediately delved into our tax returns and monthly financials to formulate custom reports and analysis related to business efficiencies and opportunities. They have been proactive, personable, professional and courteous and very up to date on technology advances."
Mark Merhab, President Container Pros, inc.
Mark Merhab
President, Container Pros, Inc.
"Green Ledger CPA is outstanding. I feel confident our books are correct and they saved me a ton of time & money this tax season. Great people, too, always available. Green Ledger CPA completed my business and personal taxes and I finally feel confident our books are correct. I am recommending them to anyone with a small business. Adam, CEO, Patriotic Online Marketplace."
Adam Maneen CEO Patriotic Online Marketplace USA (POMP USA)
Adam Maneen
"As a small business with our first year under our belts and consistent growth, we needed some help getting everything organized. Green Ledger CPA got us set up on quickbooks, took the time to teach us how it works and is available when we need help. I highly recommend them for any personal or business needs when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting and tax."
Kaeleff Kuspa, Owner Kuspa Construction
Kaeleff Kuspa
Owner, Kuspa Construction
"Can't say enough about Rebecca and the Green Ledger CPA team. Their tax knowledge, awareness of scaling businesses, and willingness to not only get the work done but teach along the way is critical for successful companies. Couldn't have made it through tax season without their help!"
Erica McMannes, Co-Founder Hire Mad Skills
Erica McMannes
Co-Founder, Hire Mad Skills



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Ready to hand off your accounting work, but not sure if you can afford it? Our starter package is designed for you!


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For scaling companies that need a Strategic Financial Partner.
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Our priority is your financial peace of mind.


We are a paperless firm that operates securely in the cloud. We put emphasis on our expertise, skillsets and quality of service. With the use of cloud based tools and platforms we provide efficient and high quality service, no matter your location.


No one likes hourly billing. It is difficult to plan and budget for inconsistent hourly work. We take that stress and confusion away by not billing hourly. Unlike other firms, we don’t hide our pricing, we provide you with simple, up front pricing and focus our attention on providing you with high quality service. 


There is nothing more important in a business relationship than communication. A CEO should always be able to communicate with his CFO, at any time and about anything. We view our relationship with you the same way, you can have a peace of mind knowing you won’t be billed just by asking a question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm uses QuickBooks Online (QBO), a cloud based accounting software. The QuickBooks Online platform is user friendly and the leader in regards to functionality, support and updates in it’s respective industry. It offers both service and product-based industries to maximize reporting features accurately and quickly.

QBO is a cloud-based accounting software that allows our clients to minimize operating costs, reduce data entry accounting due to it’s immediate connectivity to banks and transactions, provides more efficient reporting and delivers our clients the use of real-time data. 

You can be assured that we are experts in the QuickBooks Online platform and all of our team members who work in QuickBooks are required to be a Certified QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor.

We have used Gusto, Paychex, ADP, QBO Payroll and other options. We make our recommendations based on your individual situation. We research the payroll and employee requirements of your state, your specific industry, and company workman’s compensation rates, as well as your company’s defined budgetary constraints.

Each payroll platform has advantages and disadvantages and vary by region. However, some have more “bells and whistles”, such as providing the ability to lower your workman’s compensation rate (an option at ADP).

Lastly, although payroll processing and tax requirements can be fulfilled by outsourced payroll companies, the Human Resource Management is not fulfilled. These two are often times made synonymous, however, they are two distinct functions.

Human Resources Management is necessary to ensure that federal, state, & local employee/independent contractor laws are being met. They also ensure that the company has employee standards and procedures for hiring, training and firing. This individual or company ensures compliance and success in the area of human resources – vital to the determination of success or failure of any company.

We are able to discuss in detail during our engagement on which platform will better suit all your enterprise needs.

Collectively, we have over 15 years’ experience working alongside early stage companies and startups. We have offered our client’s strategic advice and planning in the areas of accounting set up, management, tax and financial analysis. All our services are designed to stimulate our client’s growth potential.

We also provide business valuation services and have supported the process of exit strategy development in the early stages. Our team has conducted the valuations at the exit in support of mergers and/or acquisitions.

We view accounting as a tool that allows management to make better, more informed decisions. Decisions based on historical and current events as well as implementing forecasting tools. Our systems have helped our clients be better prepared for discussing financiering options, pitching to investors and making long term operational decisions.

We assign up to (5) team members to work on your engagement. However, you will have two points of contact, one main and one sub. Green Ledger CPA’s operational system caps the number of client engagements each team member works on. This is done in order to promote proactive guidance and assistance throughout each project.

We specialize in Small Business and Startups. One major benefit is that you will not be ignored come tax season as we do not service individuals. We are a Licensed and Certified Public Accounting firm and we are experts in corporate accounting, finance and taxation. To back up the last statement, our team has corporate accounting experts who are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Management Accountants (CMA) candidates, and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We have corporate finance experts who are Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASA). We also have corporate tax experts who are Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

Green Ledger CPA is a forward thinking company. We are committed in providing our clients with a modern, efficient, and secure service. We are 100% in the cloud, providing real time accounting services. We use the best in secure, efficient applications to give our clients the experience of hiring an internal, full time CFO without the price tag.

We are very passionate about the quality and professionalism of all our team members. We have a stringent interviewing process; all members of our team are experts in U.S. GAAP accounting and taxation rules. Our team members all have a business specialization within their field and are continually training and improving their skillsets.

We provide up front, flat fee structures on 100% of our ongoing engagements. With the rare exception of one-time, complicated projects where providing a flat rate does not make sense.

We start off each new client with an In-Depth Review, a process where we would either create an accounting system where one does not exist or fix the current accounting system (chart of accounts, tags and connections). This allows our clients to experience our services, and we get to have hands on experience with your books. After which, we would be able to provide you with a customized plan for your needs at an accurate, flat monthly rate.

With our monthly plans we do not bill hourly and provide unlimited communication with your point of contact. A CEO should always be able to communicate with his CFO, at any time and about anything. We view our relationship with you the same way, you can have a peace of mind knowing you won’t be billed just by asking a question.

No. We do not offer assurance or audit services.

Why: We designed our services to encourage a side by side relationship with you (our client). We view ourselves as a part of your internal team that is with you through your day to day journey. 

By conducting Audit’s we would essentially remove ourselves from your team and become the external accounting firm, the “outsider” or the firm that is there for regulatory compliance and not necessarily there for your success. We have chosen not to offer these services, in order to remain independent, which is a necessary requirement for compliance.

We are designed to be on your team during an audit performed by an external party and support you throughout the life cycle of your company.

We advise any young company or startup to focus on basic company needs and expand from there.


HubSpot offers one of the most capable CRM’s on the market for free. They also offer all their products to early stage startups for 90% off. Check out Hubspot For Startups.


Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Manufacturing & Process Management tools are often times expensive and cumbersome tools that may be necessary at enterprise level. However, you can compromise by utilizing substitutions through applications that integrate into QBO or your accounting software.

For example, SOS Inventory is a substitution for a full encompassing ERM system that integrates into QBO. SOS is an inventory, order management and manufacturing application for a fraction of the cost of a full ERM.


One financing tool we recommend to young companies looking for funding is StageXchange – a finance tool for due diligence and investor relations. 

StageXchange for Deal Owners is a living digital deal book that provides a centralized hub for your startup while raising funding, pitching and communicating to various investors. 

Internal Controls and Segregation of Duties:

These are processes to put in place to minimize risk, ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to eliminate fraud and abuse. 

ex. CEO of Tech Startup WrkRiot Convicted of Fraud (Source – SFWeekly.com). The CEO plead guilty to fraud and faces up to 20 years in prison due to lack of understanding and implementation of Internal Controls and Segregation of Duties.

View the articles below to get a better understanding of what internal controls and segregation of duties are and how to implement them:

  1. Company Internal Controls
  2. Segregation of Duties
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